Pietza Pizza Dubai – Brick Oven Pizzeria in Al Barsha Dubai

Dubai’s first brick fired pizzeria with a global twist!

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Our Story!

“Pizza that tastes like home, feels like home”

Pietza Pizza was an idea brought to the table when we started reminiscing over the flavors of our homeland. Our aim, since, has been to serve you with authentic brick fired pizzas that complement your native taste buds.

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Quality Ingredients, Delicious and Nutritious
Taste the best Brick fired pizza in town with a combination that's hard to find -
tasty and healthy! Get obsessed with just the first bite!


Don’t take our word for it when we say we’re the best Pizza Joint in Dubai! Go through our testimonials!

"How do foodierahgeer decide their Dinning experience? We are more for food exploration and trying out new places. We came to know about Pietza Pizza by one of our follower who asked us to review this place so we went straight to AL-Barsha on Friday to try out their pizza.

Pietza Pizza is a small place with a seating capacity of 4 people. They prepare their pizza in Brick Oven which enhances the flavours of pizza at another level.

We tried out their Peri Peri Pizza, chicken lover and Alfredo Pizza and all of them were just too yummy. Their pizzas are definitely different and yummy then our usual choice of pizzas in market mainly because of their brick oven and obviously their original recipes.

We also tried their pasta, bruchetta, Caesar salad, tiramisu. Their food is fresh, yummy and value for money. Do try them out of you can't go just order their Combos and decide for your self."
- Foodie Rahgeer
U.A.E's Top Food Blogger
"Although all their dishes burst with goodness, I personally love the Chicken Alfredo Pizza. My favorite sauce dashed onto a hot crust. They also serve an amazing collection of pasta and mouthwatering desserts."
- Noor Ahmed
Student at University of Birmingham Dubai‎
"Current go-to Pizzeria for all my cheesy cravings! They serve the most unique variety of Pizzas rich in flavor. Utterly scrumptious and breathtakingly delicious! I am always guilty of wanting more!"
- Oliver Nichole
HR Manager for Gobigsale.com

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A Few Words About Us

Serving authentic Italian Pizzas since 2016

Pieta Pizza was founded in 2016 with the authentic Italian taste and flavors with distinct smoky nuances and flavors, pizzas from Pietza were just like those a family would eat in the courtyard lunch tables of Italy.

We are Dubai’s first brick fired pizzeria that brings you a unique collection of pizzas from around the globe. We believe in delivering pizzas that enhances your taste buds with a variety of spices on a freshly baked crust with an aroma of perfection.

Italian Style. Global Taste.

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